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challenging ADVENTUREs tailored for you while you add more sober time

Your sober guides make it happen.

Adventure after care is:


Designed to be a truly transforming experience. Gain fresh perspectives, build resilience, and develop a deeper sense of purpose.

We facilitate fast paced personal growth and self-discovery through a range of activities, from hiking and rock-climbing to mindfulness exercises and smart conversations about your sober success while doing super cool stuff in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

We coax you outside your comfort zone and inspire you to face your fears while providing the support and encouragement you need to succeed. You’ll leave feeling powerfully ready to tackle more than just your addiction.

SAFE TO ENGAGE in even while we push

One-on-one daily guided adventures that challenge and inspire while safely introducing to you to new things or pushing your previous skills to a new level while staying sober.

Taking calculated guided risks with the safety of a dedicated 24/7 sober adventure coach builds confidence and resilience faster than any other recovery method. We are each committed to providing a safe and supportive space for vastly accelerated growth and self-discovery. This is the fastest way to start thriving in sobriety.

promoting a culture of responsibility, integrity, and productivity

Expert guides with extensive experience in wilderness adventure therapy, risk management, and personal development teach participants to take initiative and make decisions, as well as understand the consequences of their actions across multiple life activities and relationships.

Elite Adventure Aftercare is a life-changing journey which teaches you to proactively manage more than just your new sobriety.

High Altitude Climbing School


Build skills an confidence in Tahoe’s world class climbing gym. | CLIMBING

Truckee is home to world class rock climbing and a new climbing gym to teach all skill levels.

Castle Peak at Donner Summit

Hike to spectacular peaks

Stay high while staying sober while flying with an instructor in the Tahoe basin. | HANG GLIDING

There is nothing that feels so much like really thriving again as an early morning hang glide over the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Cross Country at Royal Gorge and Beyond

Make fresh tracks across the sierras

Make sober tracks. There is just something magical about seeing the tracks you leave behind. | CROSS COUNTRY SKIING

Tahoe is home to some of the best cross country excursion areas in the world.

Turning sober never felt so good at more than 12 Tahoe ski resorts.

Ski downhill at 12 Tahoe resorts

Get your sober turns in on the slopes of over 12 Tahoe area ski resorts. | DOWNHILL SKIING

The Lake Tahoe basin is home to multiple international destination downhill ski resorts. Get skiing sober with your sober companions and guides.

My excellent treatment center got me sober but Elite Adventure Aftercare gets you living again, and right now. I ‘m also in the best shape of my life after 8 weeks of sober adventures.

Frannie W.

When I left treatment (for the 5th time) I was pretty certain I was not going to be able to stay clean. Not only am I clean but I’m more confident and secure.

Daniel T.


Never miss a life-changing adventure again!