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thrive in a safe transition between treatment and home.

what we do

Tailored sober adventures with sober guides in tahoe & beyond

The first weeks and months after inpatient drug and alcohol treatment are the hardest. When you cannot afford to fail, the direct return to old places and habits with minimal sober time is unnecessarily dangerous for your new sobriety. For most, there is just too much unsupervised time to be certain of constant success.

Adventure Aftercare, recognizes your progress from patient to person and supports you with 7 day a week tailored outdoor adventures and your own personal team of live-in sober companions 24/7 helping you to rebuild a thriving lifestyle while adding additional sober time under your belt.


people not patients

You just worked so hard to get your first 30, 60, 90 or 120 days of sobriety through intensive in-patient care but now its time to be a person not a patient. Whenever a direct return to home and old triggering environments is still maybe not the best fit because you literally cannot afford to fail, adventure aftercare is a great option. We know you CAN do it and we want to do it with you.

Residential treatment teaches a patient how to survive. WE TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO THRIVE. Get more healthy adventure filled sober time under your belt with a team of sober companions and adventure guides while living in your own temporary Lake Tahoe California home.

We also offer sober coach and travel companions for other destinations.



Our team leaders are thriving mountaineers, sports enthusiasts, nature buffs, hiking gurus and more. They excel at teaching others the healthy things they love in the outdoors while supporting you to be and stay sober. They help you learn new skills or hone old ones.